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Bonner Circle Park by TomaHarrisaw
Bonner Circle Park
Something else I had to do for class. We had to draw a landscape of some sort over the weekend so I went to the little area outside our dorm and tried to draw it. It isn't the most detailed picture in the world, but I like what I did with it despite not really having done a nature drawing before. Leaves are hard. I had to just make marks with the pencil until it looked something like a tree, even though it didn't match up with how it actually looked. Oh well.

Original Date: 10/27/14
Corny Fight Comic Pg.10 by TomaHarrisaw
Corny Fight Comic Pg.10
Panel 1: He got knocked back!

Panel 2: "Ugh!!" He hits the ground and skids across (and his clothes are a-okay!)

Panel 3: "No!!" Spiky boy ain't gonna accept this!

Panel 4: Hand to the GROUND.

Panel 5: Epic flip from the GROUND.

Panel 6: Surprise!

Panel 7: Long hair is approaching from nowhere and is getting ready to punch him in the face!!!

And that's where it ends. I did try drawing the next page but I guess I just stopped after that. It was a nice learning experience and its good to be able to see what I could do back then. Honestly, I don't think I've changed much. There are many things I'm still unable to wrap my head around and draw, but that's what time and practice are for, right?

If you read through this whole thing, I hope you enjoyed :)

Original Date: 1/15/11
Corny Fight Comic Pg.9 by TomaHarrisaw
Corny Fight Comic Pg.9
Panel 1: a short panel meant to depict passage of time. Kind of like what I've seen in One Piece.

Panel 2: dude lands in front of destruction

Panel 3: "That was a powerful attack..." "...but..."

Panel 4: Surprise!

Panel 5: Something approaching!

Panel 6: Something hit!

The last panel was based off of a scene in the Bleach manga when Nel got hit by something. I just tried to draw that but with the spiky head.

Original Date: 1/14/11
Corny Fight Comic Pg.8 by TomaHarrisaw
Corny Fight Comic Pg.8
Panel 1: "Dammit!!" Whoa! Thought this was a children's comic.... The beam breaks through the hastily made wall.

Panel 2: "Whoa, nice dodge!"

Panel 3: "Lightning Force!"

Panel 4: Speed lines and that spiky thing showing a quick reaction.

Panel 5: "Lightning Strike!!" *KROOOM" 

I like this page. Its kind of where the action reaches its peak. I tried to do some foreshortening on the second panel, but messed up by making the feet too big.

Original Date: 1/14/11



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